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Senior Stock Photos is owned by Tom Sanders. Sanders is a photographer, filmmaker, and author based in Savannah, GA  and travels internationally. He saw a need in creating authentic senior stock photos that celebrates aging. 

All photos are royalty free, meaning the photos can be used forever once purchased. We are open to rights managed photo purchases if you would like your company to exclusively own a photo for an extended period of time. 

With the 50+ consumer feeling ignored, brands using outdated age models, age misrepresentation, lack of access to “real” age inclusive images and the rise of Artificial Intelligence (AI), Tom Sanders, Stephanie O’Dell and Susie Lang have joined forces to create a comprehensive age inclusive stock photo site: Senior Stock Photos.

Senior Stock Photos is disrupting how models/content creators and photographers get paid for stock photos and brands access “real” age inclusive images.

If you have specific questions about a photo or a special request for something you need photographed or filmed, please reach out to or call Tom Sanders at 805-441-5759

Click on the green cart icon below the photos to make purchases. Prices range from $75-$550 for Royalty Free images. 

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